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Welcome to Gladstone Primary School. We are a large, unashamedly busy,  Auckland primary school catering for students from Years 1 – 6. We take pride in our beautiful learning environment and staff who are passionate about the art of learning. We aim to provide our students with a wide variety of stimulating and fun ways to learn.

This website intends to be a second source of information and communication (the first being information direct from our staff). Here we hope to provide you with event dates, notices and general school information such as term dates, stationery lists, extra-curricular timetables and more. Of course this website does not replace direct contact with school personnel, merely strives to be a back-up.

So please feel free to come in and see us – we love to take the time to meet with you. In addition to this website each classroom operates a class facebook page that is fantastic for ‘staying in the loop’ with what is going on in the classrooms. Teachers can tell you how to access that page and provide you with passwords where appropriate.

“Children participate and learn in inclusive collaborative learning environments. Their diverse learning needs and strengths are identified and well catered for by classroom teachers, specialist teachers and teacher aides. Classroom environments are managed in ways that support children to engage and participate well in purposeful learning.”

Education Review Report 11/09/2018 Gladstone School (Auckland)

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