Waste-Free Lunches

A waste-free lunch saves money, reduces waste and is often healthier. As an enviro school, Gladstone strongly supports and encourages our children to bring waste-free lunches. It also means that you have no rubbish to throw away, just compostables such as apple cores and banana peels that can be put in the school worm farm.

How to Pack

Reusable lunch box with compartmentsThrow-away bags
Reusable containers or food wrapsWrappers, foil, yoghurt pots, chip packets
Refillable drink bottles for drinksSingle-use cartons or cans

Lunch Waste Facts

  • Tinfoil does not bio-degrade
  • Aluminium takes 80-200 years to biodegrade
  • Tin cans can be recycled
  • Plastic wrap takes 10-20 years to biodegrade