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  1. Gladstone was my Primary School and I returned there as a student teacher and then for my PA year in 1962 with a class of 25 children. It was a coveted position. I was invited back the next year to take the deputy Principal’s class, the Headmaster was on leave or a course for 2 terms but I never managed to get another appointment before marriage and a family. I read and viewed the video on this site and was amazed at all the exciting concepts and the wonderful facilities. It was unrecognisable but I still felt nostalgic remembering the happy times both as a student and a teacher. A long time ago!
    Beverley Souster (Bate).
    We made a point of driving past along Carrington Rd on a visit in January, we have lived in Australia since 1977.


    1. hello, funny as i was thinking about gladstone primary today i was a pupil in 1969 ( was born march 1964) and i remember my teacher was miss west it was the building that had about 4 classrooms by the hall and in front of the caretakers shed some of the teachers i remember from 1969 to 1974 were , mrs curry , mr martin , mr marsh who played the accordion, the dental nurse nevan or niven i remember mr redshaw was the principal and drove a big black car. might have been a ford fairlane. i remember after lunch we lined up in the area next to the pool and marched off to the classroom with some type of music. i also recall they used to sell ice blocks at the pool and they were 4 cents. im sure mr martin took the music class. another teacher was mr lorretts . bye ( brett page nz)


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