Enrolment & Zone

In New Zealand, most children start school shortly after they turn five. All children must be enrolled at school by their sixth birthday.

Enrolling early helps us in planning for the number of children that will be attending, so it is important to do this as soon as possible. Ideally, three months before they are due to start school.

In-Zone Enrolment

If you have an in-zone child who you wish to attend Gladstone please contact the school (09 846 9744) to have their name put onto our preschool list.

Parents will be contacted several weeks prior to the child’s birthday to arrange an enrolment interview. At this time, an enrolment pack will be sent out for you to complete and bring to the interview.

The following original documentation will need to be brought to the interview:

  • Your child’s birth certificate (if your child was not born in NZ, their passport is required)
  • Parent’s passport (if the child has a parent who was not born in NZ and does not speak English as their first language, we must photocopy the parent’s passport for ESOL funding)
  • Immunisation record (Plunket book or medical history)
  • Three documents for proof of address (e.g. phone account – power account – gas account – rental tenancy agreement – rates account – sale and purchase agreement)
  • The completed statutory declaration form

New Entrants

For new entrants, Gladstone runs an induction programme which consists of visits to the school prior to the intake start date, generally on the 1st and 6th Mondays of each term.

This programme ensures a smooth and happy start to school life for both children and parents as the children get to know other children they will start with and mums and dads get to meet other parents.

For all other students (Years 2-6), enrolment interviews are organised when you make contact with the school.

Year 0 or Year 1?

As a general guideline, all students starting in Intake 4 (mid Term 2, birth date 1st May and after) and after will be classified as new entrants and will be in Year 1 the following year. In all cases, a minimum of 18 months will be spent in years one and two at school.