Donations, Fees and Stationery

There are two ways to pay at Gladstone:

Compulsory fees

Lunch orders
Lost library books


Thank you to those of you who are able to pay the donation. We appreciate your support. Please note that donations are voluntary. There are two options:

Option 1 – Pay Yearly

First child: $320 per year
Subsequent children: $280 per year each

Option 2 – Pay Termly

First child: $80 per term
Subsequent children: $70 per term each

Compulsory Fees

We ask that you pay the compulsory charge of $70 by the start of term one as the specialist books are provided during the first week of school.

Stationery Purchase

We encourage you to support the school fundraising initiative by purchasing your stationery requirements through OfficeMax. This company makes generous donations to the school by means of rewards points in return for your loyalty. Thank you for your support.

Stationery Lists