Contact Us – Whakapā mai

ADDRESS: 8 Seaview Terrace, Mt Albert, Auckland, 1025, New Zealand
SCHOOL OFFICE HOURS: 8.15am – 4.00pm Monday-Friday
PHONE: 09 8469744
EMAIL: [email protected]
Child Absences/Lateness: [email protected] Ph 8469744 ext 1

Mr Dave Shadbolt
Ph 8469744 ext 0 or 701
Associate Principal
Miss Amanda Goodwin
Ph 8469744 ext 725
Associate Principal
Mr James Cossey
Ph 8469744 ext 705
Guidance & Support
Mrs Barbara McPherson
Ph 8469744 ext 771
Michelle Nathan
Ph 846 9744 ext 714 (2.30-6pm)
027 4788158 (2.30 onwards)
Office/School Administrator
Victoria Geisler
Ph 8469744 ext 0
Principal’s Assistant
Ph 8469744 ext 701
Associate Principal
Mrs Claire Alger
Ph 8469744 ext TBA
Mrs Judith Howe 
Ph 8469744 ext 706
Board of Trustees
[email protected]
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