Swimming pool season 2020-2021

 If you would like to enter please read the below document to learn how the ballot is run, and what is required of you:

$140 FOR A KEY

If you have children at Gladstone and would like to hire a pool key this season, please read the details below on how the ballot system will be run. The ballot will be run and keys issued on Mon/Tues 16/17 November.

We have 100 keys to issue and due to the demand, a ballot system will be held to give everybody a chance. The key enables you to use the pool during weekends and after school hours.

If you are successful in the ballot, keys cost $140 which includes a refundable bond of $20 when the key is returned at the end of term one next year. The money is used to cover the costs of running the pool thus making it self funding.

How the Ballot System Works
1. Enter the ballot by filling out the special form in the office between now and 3.30pm, Tuesday 10 November. The ballot box is in the office. If you have more than one child at Gladstone please put the ballot entry under the name of the youngest child. Emails and telephone requests to school staff to put an entry into the ballot for you will not be accepted. However your child may do this for you if they are old enough to follow directions and use the form provided at the office.

2. ONE ballot entry per family thanks, no double dipping!

3. Wednesday 11th November – the winners of the ballot will be advised via a notice given to your youngest child to take home. They will be given a copy of the Swimming Pool Rules and a Rules Acceptance form for you to read and sign. Advise me immediately if you no longer want a key.

4. Monday/Tuesday 16/17 November – these two days are the ONLY days on which the keys will be issued to the parent/caregiver but NOT to any children we are sorry. We take key issuing seriously. It is a privilege to have a key and you the parent/caregiver must be totally responsible for it at all times.

5. There is only one method of payment acceptable. Please pay the $140 online by the KINDO system between now and before you collect the key. If you are not registered online with KINDO now is the time to do so. www.mykindo.co.nz  For future use there is an App downloadable for both Apple and Android.

6. To make the system work as efficiently as possible I will have a printed list of KINDO payments ready to mark off your name. Please hand to me the signed “Acceptance of Rules” form in exchange for the POOL KEY.

7. Due to the considerable admin time involved in the key issuing you MUST collect the key on the allotted two days Monday/Tuesday 16/17 November and abide by the process. Uncollected keys may be re-balloted.

Judith Howe
Executive Officer
09 8469744 ext 706

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