Stationery, Fees & Donations 2019

Stationery 2019

At the end of term your child will be bringing home a copy of the stationery list and the School Fees/Donation form following “Meet the Teacher” day. The list will enable you to purchase stationery over the school holidays so your child can bring it on the first day, Thursday 7 February 2019.

We encourage you to support the school fundraising initiative by purchasing your stationery requirements through Office Max “Back to School”. This company makes generous donations to the school by means of rewards points in return for your loyalty.

Thank you for your support.


You may pay fees and donations from 22 January 2019 onwards when the computer system will be up and running – but not before. We expect all compulsory fees to be paid by the first week of the new term.
How to Pay
Please pay your fees, donations and camp costs online through The Edge.

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School Payments ♦ Fees and Stationery


Thank you to those of you who pay your school fees, donations and camp charges. We appreciate your support.

Donation 2019:

OPTION 1 – Payment per annum:
1st Child $320 per annum

2nd & subsequent children $280 per annum
 or OPTION 2 – Pay the donation per term:
1st child $80 per term
2nd & subsequent children $70 per term

We would prefer you to use our online payment system “The Edge” to pay for any fees and/or donations. 

Payment details are included on the following fees/donations forms:

All Year Levels
(For all existing Gladstone students)
New Students
(For any students new to Gladstone)

Stationery Purchasing Options

Purchasing Stationery Options for 2019

– Order on-line from the Gladstone OfficeMax My School websiteBTS%20Webtile%20167x100px
– Mail order using the form from the OfficeMax My School website
– Visit the OfficeMax Store in Mt Eden to buy your stationery they have the information you need
– Print the appropriate list to the right or find it on the Officemax website and purchase in the store of your choice
– Print a quote with costs for WINZ from the OfficeMax My School website

By purchasing through OfficeMax Gladstone School receives generous reward points. Thank you for your support.




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