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The Edge is our school management system, and we urge every parent who has access to the internet, to register.  Email us on if you require assistance.

  1. Ensure that the school office has the email address you wish to use recorded against your child’s name. This will then provide the link into your child’s records.
  2. Every time you use The Edge,you must use the same email address.
  3. If you are encountering problems, clear your browser/history and try again.
  4. When you receive a link back from The Edge with you new password, it is advisable to go out of The Edge, then log back on, to refresh.

To register on “The Edge” online system

The Edge will accept payments for donations, compulsory school fees, camps and other school wide or year level and class wide events.  It cannot be used for elective activities where random children may be participating rather than an entire class or year group.

The advantage of The Edge is that it will also enable you to see core information about your child such as school reports and attendance records.

You cannot get confused as to which system to pay online with as we will load the appropriate activity on the appropriate system, and information will be provided via your children and so forth.

  1. Step One: log on to
  2. Step Two: Enter your email address and for the first time click on “I don’t know my Edge password”. An email will then be sent to your nominated email address.
  3. Step three: To register follow the easy steps.  There is a separate instruction sheet covering the process step by step accompanied with screen shots for easy reference.

Please direct any queries to Judith Howe at

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