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Payment Options in 2017

We encourage families to pay online for all fees and activities.  It is the way of the future and we aim to gradually phase out cash and Eftpos payments.  To achieve this we are offering parents two online payment systems, the reason being that no one system ‘does it all’.  Both systems have merit in certain aspects.

We are pleased to report that currently 70% of families have now registered on “Wrap it Up”.  This will be used for optional activities and for Oscar. 

From 21 January we also encourage families to enrol on a second online option called “The Edge”. It will be used for school wide/year level events and compulsory costs.  “The Edge” will feed directly into your child’s financial records plus it will also enable you to see core information about your child e.g. school reports and attendance records.

Remember “The Edge” will be available for you to enrol from 21 January 2017.

Notices about activities requiring payment during the year will CLEARLY STATE HOW AND WHERE TO PAY, and there can be no error because an item will only be loaded online under one system for your use.  Other schools have successfully embraced the two systems, and we can too!

Here are the details for how to register for “The Edge” and “Wrap it Up”.


edge-circle wrap-it-up-circle

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