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School Payments ♦ Fees and Stationery


Thank you to those of you who pay your school fees, donations and camp charges. We appreciate your support.

Donation 2019:

OPTION 1 – Payment per annum:
1st Child $320 per annum

2nd & subsequent children $280 per annum
 or OPTION 2 – Pay the donation per term:
1st child $80 per term
2nd & subsequent children $70 per term

We would prefer you to use our online payment system “The Edge” to pay for any fees and/or donations. 

Payment details are included on the following fees/donations forms:

All Year Levels
(For all existing Gladstone students)
 or Badge FeesDon New sm
New Students
(For any students new to Gladstone)

Stationery Purchasing Options

Purchasing Stationery Options for 2019

– Order on-line from the Gladstone OfficeMax My School websiteBTS%20Webtile%20167x100px
– Mail order using the form from the OfficeMax My School website
– Visit the OfficeMax Store in Mt Eden to buy your stationery they have the information you need
– Print the appropriate list to the right or find it on the Officemax website and purchase in the store of your choice
– Print a quote with costs for WINZ from the OfficeMax My School website

By purchasing through OfficeMax Gladstone School receives generous reward points. Thank you for your support.



Last updated: 11 February 2019

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