Swimming Pool

optimist bannerThe pool is now closed until Term 4.




  • Having a swimming pool available is a privilege. Only a small minority of schools are continuing to offer the use of their pools outside school hours because of the costs involved.  We hold a ballot system to issue the keys because we are limited to 100 keys.  This year 170 names went into the ballot, and we are sorry that not everybody can be a winner.
  • Because it is for school community use, we need your input to make it work. We do not have any staff supervision; it is over to you, hence the rules below are for all to follow.
  • Where applicable, you may need to be assertive and speak to others – children and/or adults – to remind them of the rules if they are not being followed.
  • We are a large school and the pool is for primarily for children who currently attend Gladstone School.
  • Pool keys are restricted in number to keep within the Auckland City rules & regulations for which we are licensed annually. Do NOT share your key with other people. If you lose your key we cannot replace it due to the fact it is a special security key with a unique number. Consider putting it on your car key ring to keep it safe, or on a lanyard.
  • This season the current changing sheds are being demolished and rebuilt. We have not been given an exact date at the time of writing. We encourage your children to change at home before coming to the pool. Security fencing will protect the area around the demolition site. Toilets by rooms 26/27 are available – your key opens the door. Please lock after you.
  • Remember that the key must be returned at the end of term one 2017. It is your responsibility to remember.


  • Supervision:  YOU need to supervise your children 100% of the time, there are no lifeguards.
  • Ratio:  A ratio of one adult to FOUR children please.  While the key is for the use of your immediate family only, you may bring a friend on the odd occasion.  On this occasion bring an additional adult if you exceed the 1:4 ratio. This is a safety requirement.  If there are too many children with you, you may be asked to leave the pool. This is not negotiable.  Children who currently attend Gladstone have priority over everybody else.
  • Time of Usage – You may use the pool after 3pm on school days, and during daylight hours in the weekends and holidays. See exception on next page.
  • Locking Gate: Enter the gate and immediately lock it behind you. Please remember! This will prevent unsupervised children from entering and will keep everybody safe. It would help if you would glance at those arriving to make sure they remember to lock the gate after them!  Be proactive if necessary – we are relying on all parents to make this work.
  • Your Own Key: To enter the pool enclosure a family must have their own key, and an adult must be with the children.  Sometimes children arrive ahead of their parents – they must wait outside otherwise they are not under the supervision of an adult inside the pool enclosure.
  • Eating:  We discourage eating in the pool enclosure and are not providing rubbish bins, nor staff to clean up after you. Be responsible for you and your family at the pool. If you have rubbish, you take it away!
  • Toilets – your key will open the toilets by rooms 26/27 (opposite the pool). Supervise your children and re-lock after you. Please leave them tidy.  They will be cleaned once a day only. 
  • Lost property:  If you are responsible for your children, there should be no lost property left behind – check each time. Sometimes belongings get dropped and children may be forgetful but adults should be supervising. We don’t want our pool area a tip please.  Over to you and your vigilance.
  • Teenagers and Others: We discourage teenagers from using the pool – it is mostly too shallow for them and they can be intimidating to the primary school children. The bigger children are usually the ones who jump into the pool, set a bad example and disrupt the young ones. This is a safety issue. Remember, children who currently attend Gladstone School have first priority, not siblings or friends. On a busy hot day there may not be room for older siblings or friends.
  • Rules of Conduct:    

No disorderly behaviour

No jumping

No running

No alcohol

No BBQ’s

No dogs or other animals

  • Keys will be confiscated for misbehaviour or breaking the rules.  No refunds.
  • Return of Key: Mark on your calendar/diary to RETURN THE KEY during the last week of Term 1, by 13 April, 2017.  The bond will be refunded only if this criterion is met.   Again, this is your responsibility, not that of the school. The pool WILL close at the end of term one 2017, irrespective of weather. The budget for purchasing chemicals etc will be depleted by that time.

Christmas Holidays

The school staff will be away from Thursday 22 December until Wednesday 18 January. During this time a pool grooming company will be cleaning the pool every few days. We apologise in advance if the pool is being groomed when you arrive and you are inconvenienced.  This is beyond our control.

Should an emergency arise please contact either the Property Manager 027 248 4363, or the Principal 021 216 1877,  however we hope this won’t be necessary!

Board of Trustees

The pool key is issued to the key holder on the understanding that the Board of Trustees and school staff shall not be liable or responsible for any accident, loss, injury or death arising from the use of the swimming pool, surrounding facilities or school grounds. The user, in accepting the key offer, indemnifies the School Board of Trustees and staff of all claims, demands, costs and proceedings that might be made against them, arising out of, or in connection with the use of all school facilities, including the swimming pool.


Judith Howe

Executive Officer

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