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In 2018 the majority of our information will be ‘pushed out’ via our App. Please go to the app store/google play to download it.

A copy of the month’s notifications will be available on this page below (but may not be as timely as the app).

♦ 2018 Gladstone Primary School Charter

♦ Student Involved Conferences Letter

Push Notifications:
School Open and Year 4 Sleepover still on

Year 4 will still do their camp activity rotations today.

Year 4 Rangitoto Trip Postponed

Year 4 Rangitoto Trip Postponed Due to high winds and thunderstorms forecast today. A new date will be confirmed later in the year.

Reminders for Week 10

1. Year 4 Camp- Tuesday, April 10th we are off to Rangitoto Island. Please ensure your child has a BIG lunch and drink. They need to wear suitable walking shoes and bring a raincoat and sunhat. Your child (and all parent helpers) need to be at school before 8.45 am because we are leaving at 9 am to catch the boats. Please remember we will not be returning back to school until approximately 3.30 pm.
Wednesday, April 11th and Thursday, April 12th – It’s overnight stay time!
Please send your child with everything they need to sleep the night at school. They also need their togs and towel, On Wednesday they need to come to school with a BIG lunch and morning tea because we have an action filled day. If you are a parent helper for camp please see one of the teachers when you arrive to find out what you are doing. If you have any questions please email Claire Alger
2. OSCAR will be in room 52 on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.
3. On Friday we have a mini Commonwealth Games at school, we will compete in houses so please wear your house t-shirt.
4. NETBALL registration and payments close at 3.00pm Monday 9th April. Please return your form to Mr Laing. Netball trials will be held on Tuesday lunchtime for year 5’s and Wednesday lunchtime for Year 6’s.
5. NSW Practice Papers: If you have a practice paper at home, can you please copy and return it urgently. We have a number of students waiting to take papers to practice. Please return these to Claire Alger in Room 31
6. Friday is our last day of term, we will start back on Monday 30 April.
7. Pool Keys- If your family hired a pool key over the summer, NOW is the time to return it, please. Return the key to Judith Howe who will issue you with a bond refund of $20 if you get it in in time. If you are late returning the key you forfeit the right to go into the ballot next season.
8. During week 3 of term 2, there will be student involved conferencesPlease read the attached form to make a booking.

Options for Year 3-6 Students
In term 2 we offer options on a Wednesday afternoon for all children in Year 3-6. We offer two paid options along with many fun and exciting free options at school. Some of the options at school range from robotics, origami, dance through to kickboxing and kempo. If your child is interested in a paid option please discuss it with them and then complete one of the following forms by 13th April. Climbing at Extreme Edge Glen Eden  Snowplanet
Options for Year 3-6 Students
2.40 PM
Reminder for week 9
1. Autism Awareness Day – Wednesday 4th April. This year we are taking the opportunity for our Year 1 students to get involved in raising awareness for Austin and celebrating standing out and being different by asking Year 1’s to come into school in Onesies or their favourite PJs, and contributing a small amount to take part (gold coin).
2. Interschool touch is on Thursday for those selected children in the Senior School.
3. Please remember to use the pickup and drop off zones as intended. Auckland Transport will be monitoring these.
Reminders for week 9
Morning reminders
1. This morning we have our whole school assembly, please wear your house t-shirt
2. Lost property will be out today from 2.30. If you are missing any togs, towels or items from Year 5 or 6 camp please check it out on the hall steps.
3. One last reminder that the school will be closed for Easter on Friday, Monday and Tuesday. Enjoy the long weekend.
Morning reminders
Reminders for week 8

1. Sausage sizzle is on Tuesday, please purchase your sausage before school in the hall. If you’re interested in helping out on one of the sausage sizzles please email
2. Our school assembly is on Thursday this week due to the Good Friday. There will also be no school on Monday 2 or Tuesday 3 April due to Easter.
3. If you are ordering your lunch online from Happy Rock please check your child’s classroom is correct. We have had many lunches going to children’s last years classes.

 Reminders for Week 8
Week 7 Reminders

1. The Year 5 camp leaves on Tuesday morning from the roofed court, please arrive at 8.30 so we can complete all admin prior to leaving. You will be able to collect your child on Friday
2. On Thursday the Junior School is off to Ambury Farm, please ensure children are dressed appropriately including comfortable footwear for an active day.
3. Room 38 are heading to Kelly Tarltons on Friday night for  sleepover.
4. School closes on Tuesday at 12.40 to allow teachers to attend the NZEI Union meeting. This will not affect children at Year 5 camp.
5. School is closed on Tuesday 3 April as all schools observe Easter Tuesday, there will be no OSCAR on this day.
6. Thank you to the Spark Foundation and the employee Give Scheme that has donated $1100 to our school. If you are one of the employees donating to our school thank you very much.

 Week 7 reminders
Big Walk and Year 6 camp

Just a reminder to walk to school. Jacinda Ardern our Prime Minister is walking with one of our WSB.

Year 6 children returning from camp can be collected from the roofed court after 2.40

Big Walk and Year 6 Camp
Reminders for Wk 6
1. Year 6 children head off to camp on Monday, please be at school at 8.30 under the canopy in class lines. We will return on Friday afternoon, children can be collected from 2.40pm or will be released at 3.00pm if there is not an adult to collect them.
2. Interschool cricket is on Tuesday at Cornwall Park for those children selected to represent Gladstone.
3. Room 37 is sleeping over at Kelly Tarltons on Friday evening.
4.  lt’s Walking School Bus Week!
5.  Gladstone has four WSBs that families can join, please see Victoria in the office for more details or check out our WSB page.
6. On Friday we will celebrate Walking School Bus Week by participating in THE BIG WALK. Schools across Auckland will compete to see who can have the most children walking to school, and promote active transport. Gladstone won the trophy last year and weVre aiming to do so again. This year we have a special guest; Prime Minister JacindaArdern will be walking to school on Friday! So please walk, scooter or cycle to school and then join us on the covered turf for a photo and a few words from the PM.
7.  Thank you for all the entries for the upcoming NSW (ICAS) tests. Entries for these tests have now closed. Please remember we do have practise tests available from Claire Alger in Room 31. We have a limited number of tests so we do ask that if you take practise tests, you photocopy them and return the original back to school as soon as possible. If you have any questions please email Claire Alger
Reminders for Wk 6

12:01 PM


Easter Tuesday
Easter Tuesday (3 April)  is a school holiday.
 Easter Tuesday
Reminders for week 5

1.   On Tuesday we have the Middle School swimming carnival, the Year 4 children will swim from 9-12 in their own divisions and the Year3 will swim from 12-2.45. Please see your classroom teacher for more details.
2.   Thursday is the Junior School swimming carnival, our Year 2 students will swim in the morning and the Year 1 in the afternoon. Please see your classroom teacher for more details.
For both carnivals children will need to apply sunscreen before school, have tags, 2 towels and water bottles.
Parents are welcome.
3.   House activities will take place on Friday, remember to wear your house t-shirt.
4.   Room 39 will have a sleepover at Kelly Tarltons this Friday.
5.   Year 4-6 – NSW Testing – University of New South Wales International Competitions
This week is the last week for entering the NSW tests – if you are considering entering your child into this we need to have all entries at school by Friday March 9th. You are able to pay for this on KINDO – please see the notice for the instructions. Then please return the paper slip back to your teacher. The tests available are Digital Technologies, Science, Spelling, Writing, English and Maths. Lots of Gladstone Students from Years 4-6 take this opportunity – you receive individualized feedback and results.
You may enrol in as many of the subjects as you wish. We have practice papers available at school. These will be available from Claire Alger’s office (Room 31). We ask that you take the practice paper home, photocopy it and then return the original back to school for others to use.
If you have any questions please contact Claire Alger.

Reminders for week 5
1.   House t-shirt reminder for assembly.
2.   We are having issues with our phones, Chorus is still working on the issue. If you have an absentee please use the App or email your classroom teacher.
3.   The Grill & Chill starts at 5.00pm tonight. The forecast is for no rain from 5-8. See you there
Sausage Sizzle
Just a quick correction to this weeks reminders, the sausage sizzle is tomorrow. Head to the hall before school to purchase.
Sausage Sizzle
Week 4 Reminders
1.   Sausage Sizzle is this Thursday, buy your sausage in the hall before  school.
2.   Inter-school swimming is on Tuesday for those Senior School who qualified to represent Gladstone.
3.   The amazing Chill and Grill is this Friday starting at 5.00pm on the school field.
4.   Year 4-6 – NSW Testing – University of New South Wales International Competitions
Last week the students in Years 4-6 received a notice about the upcoming NSW Testing – if you are considering entering your child into this we need to have all entries at school by Friday March 9th. You are able to pay for this on KINDO – please see the notice for the instructions. Then please return the paper slip back to your teacher.
The tests available are Digital Technologies, Science, Spelling, Writing, English and Maths. Lots of Gladstone Students from Years 4-6 take this opportunity – you receive individualized feedback and results.
You may enrol in as many of the subjects as you wish. We have practise papers available at school. These will be available from Claire Alger’s office (Room 31). We ask that you take the practise paper home, photocopy it and then return the original back to school for others to use. If you have any questions please contact CLaire Alger.
5. The Travelwise team and Auckland Council will be actively monitoring our pick up/drop off areas. Please use them as they are designed for the safety of all children at Gladstone.
Week 4 reminders
3:29 PM
House t-shirt reminder. Remember to wear it for assembly today House t-shirt
7:09 AM
Week 3 Reminders
1.   Whanau fono homework club starts on Monday after school.
2.   The dental van is on site this week, children who are due a check up will be seen.
3.   Year 6 classes will have a waterwise day this week: room 45,Monday, room 46, Tuesday, Room 47, Wednesday, Room 49 Thursday and room 48 is on Friday.
4.   We have our first school assembly on Friday at 9.00am, please remember to wear your house shirt.
5.   Scholastic is due on Friday 23rd of February. All orders are to be placed online at scholastic book club loop.
Parent login also on the app you can download the app for iPhones or androids.
6.   The Chill & Grill is on Friday 2nd March from 5.00-8.00pm. Come along for a fun filled evening.
Week 3 Reminders
9:44 AM
Meet the teacher
Just a reminder Junior School classes are at 6.00pm, Middle School 6.30 and the Senior School at 7.00pm. The Year 5&6 camp information will follow at 7.30 in the staff room.
Senior School children are reminded to wear their house shirts for the swimming carnival tomorrow. The race schedules for both divisions are in the drop down menu of our app.
Meet the teacher
4:17 PM
Week 2 Reminders
1.   A quick timing correction in regards to meet the teacher this Thursday evening. Junior School classes are at 6.00pm, Middle School classes 6.30pm and Senior School classes 7.00pm. Year 5 & 6 camp information night will start at 7.30pm in the staffroom.
2.   From the Travelwise team: Walking School Buses are operating this week. Children riding bikes, skateboards and scooter must wear a helmet. Seaview and Monaghan Aves have pick up/ drop off zones, please do not park and walk your child to class.
3.   Swimming in PE starts this week, please remember togs on PE day.
4.   Senior School swimming sports is on Friday from 10.00am until 1.00pm.
5.   Room 40 is off for their sleepover at Kelly Tarltons on Friday afternoon.
6.   Happy Roc Cafe is not open until week 3.
7.   Lock in Friday March 2nd for our first annual Chill and Grill -a night off for parents with entertainment, great food and even a drink or two and for the kids, rides, inflatables and the novelty being at school at night! No jolly jars, no baking and no white elephant. Come along, relax and enjoy from 5.00pm – 8.00pm. More details to come next week. Watch this space.
Week 2 Reminders
10.13 AM
Welcome to 2018
We hope you have had a fantastic summer. Just a few reminders to start week 1.
1. School starts at 8.45 and finishes at 3.00pm. Children can arrive from 8.15am
2. Please remember to use the pick up and drop off zones as they’re intended. Parking in these zones makes it unsafe for all the other children in our school.
3. Term 1 is a summer term so please remember to pack a hat and dress appropriately for the warm conditions. Water bottles are highly recommended.
4. Your child will be given a house t-shirt this week. They can wear it to school as they please, we request it is worn to whole school assemblies on Fridays.
5. All Year 5 children will need their togs on Thursday for a quick swimming assessment. The pool will be open for lunchtime swim every day for all ages.
6. The house captains will head off to their leadership camp on Thursday.
7. Happy Roc Cafe will not be open this week so please pack a yummy lunch. Please remember fruit for brain snack time.
Welcome to 2018
7:00 AM



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