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At Gladstone we do not publish a regular paper or online newsletter. The majority of our information will be ‘pushed out’ via the Schools App. Please go to the app store/google play to download it.


School will be closed for Easter from Friday 2 April to Tuesday 6 April. Return to school on Wednesday 7 April.

THE GLADSTONE GALA – 11 April 2021
-Donate goods for Auctions, Raffles and Treasure Trove Market
-Sign up to help with your class activity – speak to your class teacher.
-If you can help with the Treasure Trove please email Liz on [email protected]
-The classes that bring in the most Jolly Jars, Lucky Bottles and Cakes will win a prize from the PTA
-Let your friends and family know about the Gala – Join the Gala Facebook Group
-Any little thing you can do makes a big difference on the day

Contact the PTA at [email protected] if you want to know more.

Your children will have brought home a “Home Learning” booklet. These have been created in response to the feedback we got from you after 2020’s lockdowns and the fact you would appreciate independent activities for your chlidren should we go into lockdown again. It has taken a bit longer than we had hoped to put them together as it was a big undertaking but they are done now. While we hope not to have to use them for another lockdown could you please store them safely at home ‘just in case’. If they are not needed for a lockdown they will make an excellent home activity book for this years Christmas break.

If you are no longer using your pool key you may start returning them from now on. Your key has a unique number on it so I will know who it is from. All you need to do is drop the pool key at the office into the box provided. Bond fees were discontinued this season, so there was no bond payable or refundable. We are relying on your honesty and integrity to return the key.
At the latest, the keys must be returned on either 7th/8th/9th April which is immediately following Easter Tuesday. The pool will be closed at the end of term one.

Our School Hall is undergoing refurbishment. It will include the addition of a storeroom, enlargement and upgrade of the kitchen area, which will also include an area for teaching food technology, a complete rebuild of the toilets, increased seating in the mezzanine area, a ventilation system, new entries and joinery, a new lighting and additional sound systems and a new sports surface on the floor. This is a major project for our school, however the result will be another outstanding Gladstone facility.


Events 2021

  • Term One (Tuesday 9 February – Friday 16 April)

    Sunday 11 April – Gladstone Gala

  • Term Two (Monday 3 May – Friday 9 July)

  • Term Three (Monday 26 July – Friday 1 October)

  • Term Four (Monday 18 October – Friday 17 December)

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