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At Gladstone we do not publish a regular paper or online newsletter. The majority of our information will be ‘pushed out’ via the Schools App. Please go to the app store/google play to download it.


SCHOOL PICNIC DAY – Monday 14th December
This year our School Picnics will be held here at school. We have lots of different activities
planned for each mini school across the day, culminating in a whole school colour run on
the field. The school will provide a sausage sizzle for the children (vegetarian sausages will
be available for those who require it).
We are also having a donation drive for the City Mission on this day – please can your
child bring in non-perishable food items such as canned fish, canned vegetables (green
beans, corn, tomatoes), canned fruit, spreads (marmite, peanut butter), rice, pasta so we
can donate these to the City Mission for food parcels. Collection of these goods will be in
the school office. This link has ideas of what is included in these food parcels:
On Monday 14th December can you place ensure that your child brings the following for
the day:
-Morning tea
-Drink bottle
-Hat and sunscreen
-Togs and towel
-Clothes for the colour run, including an old t-shirt (white is best as it shows up all
the colours).
-Non-perishable food item (for donating)
The colour run will consist of a course around the school that children will run/walk
around with 4 stations of colour to pass through. This colour is 100% natural and safe and
is made from cornflour and food safe dyes.

Just a reminder now that the weather is warming up please ensure your child brings a hat to wear at school and has sunscreen on before coming to school and some in their bag to reapply during the day.

Our School Hall is undergoing refurbishment. It will include the addition of a storeroom, enlargement and upgrade of the kitchen area, which will also include an area for teaching food technology, a complete rebuild of the toilets, increased seating in the mezzanine area, a ventilation system, new entries and joinery, a new lighting and additional sound systems and a new sports surface on the floor. This is a major project for our school, however the result will be another outstanding Gladstone facility.

The GLADSTONE GALA date is 11 April 2021

CHILDREN’S CLOTHES NEEDED. If you have any old clothes that your children have grown out of please bring into the school office for the sick bay. We need leggings, track pants and long sleeved t-shirts for all ages, sizes, girls and boys. We do not need jumpers, undies or coats.
Please drop off to the office.
Thanks in advance – Victoria and Nurse Lala

Year 4&5 Children – Help Pay for 2021 Camp Fees
To assist you with payment of your child’s camp fees, we are offering a fund raising opportunity through selling Whittaker’s chocolates. Participation in the fund raising is on a voluntary basis and any profit that your child makes will be deducted from their camp fee – for every box you sell, your child will get $24.00 as a reduction off their camp fee.
If you are interested collect a permission slip from the office.


Events 2020

  • TERM 4

    Week 10
    Monday 14 December – Whole School Picnic Day
    Wednesday 16th December – Year 3-6 Prizegiving. Meet the teacher 2021
    Friday 18th December – Term 4 ends – Gladstone’s Got Talent

Events 2021

  • Term One (Tuesday 9 February – Friday 16 April)

    Sunday 11 April – Gladstone Gala

  • Term Two (Monday 3 May – Friday 9 July)

  • Term Three (Monday 26 July – Friday 1 October)

  • Term Four (Monday 18 October – Monday 20 December)

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