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Classroom art

At Gladstone we do not publish a regular newsletter on this website. Instead information will be ‘pushed out’ via the Schools App.
Please go to the app store/google play to download it.

Your children will have already brought home a “Home Learning” booklet. Please use them now for the current lockdown. Our online learning sites can be accessed here.

Are you new to KINDO? There are resources, in several languages, on the Kindo website: We ask that all families are registered online with KINDO. Payments at Gladstone School relating to activities, lunches, trips, lost library books, OSCAR payments and much more are all to be made by KINDO online. When a notice is given to your child it clearly states how to pay, whether it be on KINDO, or by The Edge.

Our School Hall is undergoing refurbishment. It will include the addition of a storeroom, enlargement and upgrade of the kitchen area, which will also include an area for teaching food technology, a complete rebuild of the toilets, increased seating in the mezzanine area, a ventilation system, new entries and joinery, a new lighting and additional sound systems and a new sports surface on the floor. This is a major project for our school, however the result will be another outstanding Gladstone facility.


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