Lunch Menu

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There are two changes this year.
1. In 2020 we have moved to online ordering only. Cash is no longer an option.
2. Secondly the online system we are using for lunches this year is changed to KINDO for your convenience.
It is the expectation that all families have a KINDO account on which to pay for activities and events held at the school, for lunches, for Oscar and much more.

There is a free KINDO app for your phone, and you can also link to KINDO via Flexibuzz and the website.

Please note the following:
(1) Happy Roc Café operates on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays only. We use the kitchen in the hall.
(2) While ordering lunch is only possibly online, morning tea cash sales will still be available to children at playtime.
(3) Click here for the menu. You will see that Sushi is a feature of Thursday lunch options, and Pita Pit is a Friday feature. For Pita Pit there is a link via KINDO to order from Pita Pit direct. It is easy to follow.
(4) If you need any help at all with your KINDO account, or ordering of lunches please contact them direct on 0508 4KINDO, or 09 869.5200.
(5) Each class will have a monitor who brings the lunch orders to the classrooms.

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