Gladstone BOT Elections

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BOT Nominations received to date (22/05/2019):
Peter Bonisch
Stephen Gough
Murray Le-Grice
Libby Middlebrook
Anagha Pasche
Michael Taia

Soon, the Gladstone community will be voting for their new Board of Trustees.

Established 133 years ago, Gladstone is the country’s largest contributing primary school, with a role of more than 850 children.

The Board of Trustees plays a critical role in ensuring the ongoing success of our school, with responsibility for its overall governance. Trustees also represent other parents and caregivers, ensuring a positive and enduring partnership between the school and the wider Mt Albert community.

Board members have wide-ranging responsibilities, such as helping to set the educational goals and strategic direction of the school, overseeing funding decisions, health and safety, informing the community about how the school is progressing, and overseeing staff management, property and administration.

Trustees are also responsible for acting in the best interests of students, ensuring the school is an inclusive place for all children, including those with differing needs.

The current Board would like to invite interested members of the community to consider putting themselves forward for the election or to think about nominating someone else. There will be five positions available.

People who work well in a team, have good communications skills and ask challenging questions make good trustees, including those with an understanding of education, financial and property matters. Gladstone has a diverse community, and we encourage people from all backgrounds to consider putting themselves forward.

Nominations will open on 10 May and will stay open until May 24. Please contact the school office if you are interested in further information, including a discussion with the Principal.

Voting closes on June 7 with results announced on June 13th.

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