Board of Trustees

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There will be a BOT election in May 2019

Current Board Members

Fiona Barker – Chairperson
Anna Palairet
Nigel Stevenson
Michael Taia – Deputy Chairperson
Malua Tipi
Stephen Gough
Libby Middlebrook

Dave Shadbolt – Principal
Claire Alger – Staff Rep
Judith Howe – BOT Secretary


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March 27th
May 22nd
June 19th
August 21st
September 18th
November 20th
December 11th

BOT Member Profiles


My name is Fiona Barker and I am the mother of  Kieran in Year 2, Lucy in Year 6 and Alex.
I have a background in education and I am currently a Deputy Principal at Mt Albert Grammar School. Previously I have worked at Avondale College and more recently as a senior advisor within the Ministry of Education.
My husband Adam and I founded Pyrenees delicatessen which we owned for nine years before selling to the current owners. We really enjoyed the link that this provided us with the Mount Albert community.
I have a variety of skills that I offer as part of the Gladstone School Board. I bring a good knowledge of school systems, curriculum and teaching, and people management. As a business owner I demonstrated sound financial management and business planning skills. This combination of education and commercial experience provides a strong background from which to contribute in a governance role.
It is important to me that all Gladstone students reach their academic potential. All students at Gladstone should have the opportunity to thrive academically as well as enjoying chances to be involved in sports, arts and cultural activities.
Gladstone Primary is a fantastic school and I enjoy the opportunity to support the leadership team and teachers at Gladstone to provide the best possible learning environment for all of our children.


My name is Michael Taia and I am privileged to have been on the Board since the beginning of 2014. 

My partner Alicia and I have 5 children; 2 of whom are currently at Gladstone Primary – Lukas in Year 6 and Isaac in Year 4.  I look forward to my two younger sons enrolling at Gladstone in years to come.

During my time on the Board, I have worked to advance Maori and Pasifika development at the school in conjunction with the amazing parent community and tremendous teacher support.  I am very proud of the incredible success of our Maori and Pasifika students and I am keen to continue to promote this in years to come.  I am regularly involved in a range of school activities and have enjoyed the flexibility to be able to attend as many school camps, excursions and activities as possible.

My background is primarily in Law and I have practised Law for over 18 years.  I am the Principal of a small commercial Law Firm and also Consult part time to another Law Firm in Albany.  In addition, I am the owner of a small advisory business which focuses heavily on project management and effective governance.  I have looked to utilise these skill sets wherever possible as a member on the Board. 


Fa’amalua Tipi. MEd (1st class Hons), BEd, Dip Tchg

I am a father of three children, two currently attend Gladstone Primary – Grace Year 5, and Malua Year 2.  

I am a current employee at the University of Auckland, Faculty of Education as a Professional Teaching Fellow.  I have been involved with Teacher Education for over 15 years.  My passion and strength lies in my ability to connect people in the education sector within local community.  I have a variety of skills that I contribute to the Board of Trustees, namely leadership, equity issues and understanding the educational system.

My other responsibilities include chairing a Health and Social Services Board where I oversee the Fono’s governance and operations to improve health, social services and education for Pacific and high needs people in the Auckland region. I am also a board member with Oceania Careers Academy training establishment for vocational qualifications for young adults. I am a current Board of Trustee member for a language nest preschool centre in West Auckland. All of these roles have one thing in common, that is, they all align to life-long learning of the individual and community.

My number one priority is my children. I am devoted to ensuring they are totally supported and given all opportunities both in terms of academic ability and extra-curricular activities.

As a member of the Board for a number of years we have achieved great milestones, overcome many challenges and achieved great changes. I welcome the opportunity to continue reaching new heights for the betterment of our children at Gladstone.


I currently have two children at Gladstone – Caden in Year 3 and Oliver in Year 5.

I grew up in Lynfield and then settled in Mt Albert in 2008 after six years working in Dublin and London. We have met so many amazing people in the area and absolutely love it, we are here to stay.

I think it’s really important to give back to the community so over previous years I’ve managed our children’s rugby and TBall teams.

I also contribute as chairman of the Asquith Community group, which is seeking to influence the Housing New Zealand development on Asquith Ave for the betterment of the community as a whole. I bring this knowledge to the board to help it plan and deal with the challenges that are looming from the intensification of housing in the area.

We live in the information age so technology will play a massive part in our children’s lives. I have worked in this industry for 27 years and know it extremely well.

I spent seven years working in the education sector at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). In my last role as Director of ICT Strategy I was responsible for the strategic planning of technology provided to staff and students. I am therefore accustomed to the academic world and government organisations. 

In 2015 I graduated at AUT with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with distinction. I have found that the MBA has given me an extremely broad knowledge of all aspects of business.

My current employment is as IT Director at Kensington Swan, a premier New Zealand Law firm. 

I believe I bring knowledge and experience that is beneficial to the Board, to you, and all of our children.


My husband Tim (Jones) and I have 2 children at Gladstone, Amelia in Year 5 and Harry in Year 2. Like all parents I have a vested interest in ensuring our school remains the great learning environment it is today and as a Board member I like to contribute to that successful outcome.

I have extensive experience in management, strategy and governance both in my past role as Head of Procurement at Air New Zealand (managing the companies 4500 suppliers) and current role as General Manager for the airlines Property and Infrastructure division. I am also a Board Director for the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) holding that position since April 2017.

Through these and other roles I bring considerable governance and leadership experience across large, diverse organisational groups. I currently play a leading role in translating the new Health and Safety legislation as it relates to people that work in and on our buildings and surrounding spaces. I sat on Air New Zealand’s internal governance group for some years and have drafted and implemented policy ranging from spend practices to sustainability. 

As a member of Air New Zealand’s Senior Leadership Team I have a role in developing and mentoring future leaders. I also have broad experience in strategy, collaborating with individuals, teams and the wider organisation to set strategic objectives and aspirations.

I have enjoyed supporting Gladstone through the Gladstone Community (PTA). I was part of a small group who created our Gladstone Community Charter. This document outlines the group’s purpose and rationale and why a PTA is such an important part of our school community. It’s amazing to see the value so many parents bring to the school every day.

On the Board I continue to work to support an environment that gives our children the best in primary school education and experience.

The Board’s support of school leadership, our great teaching staff and resources and our wonderful community plays an important part in ensuring our children succeed in all aspects of their life not only at primary school but far into the future.

Last updated: 12 February 2019

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