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In 2019 the majority of our information will be ‘pushed out’ via our Flexibuzz App. Please go to the app store/google play to download it.

A copy of the month’s notifications will be available on this page below (but may not be as timely as the app).

♦ 2018 Gladstone Primary School Charter


Week 3 

Sunday, 5:19pm • Whole School

Hi all here are your weekly reminders for week 3:

• Sausage sizzle on Tuesday
• Senior school swim carnival Friday 22nd Feb
– A division at Cameron Pools – B division at school pool. Your child will come home with a notice this week with more details.
• There is no assembly this week – Room 49’s assembly will now be next week and Room 39’s will be in week 8.
• Whanau Fono starts this week in the library after school.
• Room 9 have their Kelly Tarlton’s sleepover on Friday 22nd February.
• Year 4 camp meeting in the staff room on Wednesday 20th February at 17:30.
• Wednesday 20th there will be a parent information evening by Family Zone regarding the new Mobilezone licences each child has at Gladstone. Please use the link to register your interest in coming.

Week 2

Sunday, 9:00am •  Whole School

Welcome to Week 2 – Hope everyone had a nice, short first week back to school?

Happening this week:

  • PE starts this week – this is a compulsory part of the curriculum and all children need to swim. Children will need to bring togs and towel (optional goggles) on their PE day.
  • Term 1 is hat term – all children need to wear a hat during morning tea and lunchtime. Children with no hat will be required to stay in the shade.
  • Meet the teacher – Thursday 14th Feb – this is a great chance for you to meet your child’s teacher and get an understanding of your child’s school day and the expectations of the class. Junior School – 6.00pm, Middle School – 6.30pm and Senior School – 7.00pm.
  • Year 5 and 6 Camp Meeting – Thursday 14th Feb – 7.30pm in the staff room

Other Dates to Note:

  • Whanau Fono will start on the 18th Feb (Week 3).
  • Family Zone Digital Information Evening – 20th February – 6pm – more information to come or click here to see more about Family Zone’s partnership with Gladstone
  • Senior School Swim Carnival – 22nd Feb – 10-12.45 Cameron Pools & School Pool

Message from Happy Roc Cafe

Sunday, 9:00am •  Whole School

Hi everyone! Kia ora tātou

Welcome back to Term 1 2019! We hope you have had a restful and safe holiday. Thank you for your on-going support of Lunchonline.

At the beginning of every year your children will usually change classrooms – please update your child’s details by clicking “members” and changing their classroom name and school (otherwise your lunches will end up in the wrong location). If your child no longer attends a school with Lunchonline then you can make them “inactive” by unticking the box next to their name.

If you have finished with Lunchonline altogether then you will want to close your account and get a refund of any leftover money. Simply click “close account” and follow the instructions to receive your refund (less a $5 admin fee). If you have less than $5 left on your account you won’t receive a refund. We now have the capability for you to donate your remaining credit on your account straight back to your school.

All refunds will be being processed on 28th January – if you close your account by 27th January you will receive your refund on 28th – if you miss this deadline then the next batch of refunds will be processed at the end of Term 1 2019.

Happy Roc menu 2019


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