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At Gladstone we do not publish a regular paper or online newsletter. The majority of our information will be ‘pushed out’ via the Schools App. Please go to the app store/google play to download it.


SCHOLASTIC orders due 5th Aug www://

MAORI & PASIFIKA HUI – Thursday 6th August 6pm

Come a long and find out more about reading and how to support your child at home with their reading. These workshops are suitable for all ages. Please bring your child to both sessions, because you will be doing some reading with them as part of our workshops. Reading Together is for two weeks.
• Wednesday August 12 – 6.30 – 7.30 pm
• Wednesday August 19 – 6.30 – 7.30 pm
Both workshops are in the school staffroom. If you would like to attend please email your Associate Principal:
[email protected] – Junior School
[email protected] – Middle School
[email protected] – Senior School

Year 4&5 Children – Help Pay for 2021 Camp Fees
To assist you with payment of your child’s camp fees, we are offering a fund raising opportunity through selling Whittaker’s chocolates. Participation in the fund raising is on a voluntary basis and any profit that your child makes will be deducted from their camp fee – for every box you sell, your child will get $24.00 as a reduction off their camp fee.
If you are interested collect a permission slip from the office.

The GLADSTONE GALA has been cancelled for 2020. New date is 11 April 2021

CHILL & GRILL – community event – Friday 11 December 5.30 – 8.30 pm 

PARENT WORKSHOP – Do you have a child with High Abilities?
Coming soon…..a workshop for parents of High Ability children. BrookeTrenwith will be giving a talk at school about meeting the learning, social and emotional needs of a gifted child. This will cover both at school and at home topics like perfectionism, friendship and characteristics of giftedness. Brooke is the President of the NZACC (NZ Association of Gifted Children) and she has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of giftedness.
Tuesday September 15th in the school staffroom at 7 pm.
Please email Claire Alger if you would like to attend: [email protected]

CHILDREN’S CLOTHES NEEDED. If you have any old clothes that your children have grown out of please bring into the school office for the sick bay. We need leggings, track pants and long sleeved t-shirts for all ages, sizes, girls and boys. We do not need jumpers, undies or coats.
Please drop off to the office.
Thanks in advance – Victoria and Nurse Lala

WOOL DONATIONS. If anyone has any spare wool that you would like to donate to our knitting club. Please can you drop it off to Room 10. Many thanks from Kim Fraser.


Week 1 – Monday 20th July – Term starts. New Entrant intake day – Whakatau to welcome new students.
Friday 24th July – Discussion documents come home
Week 2 – 29th & 30th July – Student Involved Conferences/Interviews
Week 6 – Monday 24th August – New Entrant intake day – Whakatau to welcome new students.
Week 10 – Friday 25 September – Term 3 ends
Date undecided as yet – In the last few weeks of this term the PTA will hold an adult event (probably Beats and Bingo). Date TBA

Week 1 – Monday 12th October – Term starts. New Entrant intake day – Whakatau to welcome new students.
Week 2 – Friday 23rd October – Teacher Only day (assessment analysis and start of report writing). NOTE: Oscar will be open all day and a cost will apply.
Week 5 – Monday 9th November to Friday 13th November – Literacy Festival
Week 6 – Monday 16th November – New Entrant intake day – Whakatau to welcome new students.
Week 7 – Friday 27th November – End of year progress and achievement documents sent home.
Week 8 – Monday 30th November – Teacher Only Day. NOTE: Oscar will be open all day and a cost will apply.
Week 9 – Fri 11th December Chill and Grill 5.30-8.30pm
Week 10
Wednesday 16th December – Year 3-6 Prizegiving. Meet the teacher 2021
Friday 18th December – Term 4 ends – Gladstone’s Got Talent

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