High Ability Learners

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High ability students are those who have the potential to achieve or are achieving significantly beyond what is expected of their same-age peers in one or more of the following domains;

  • intellectual abilities
  • cultural
  • naturalistic
  • creative abilities
  • leadership ability
  • psychomotor (physical abilities)
  • abilities in the visual and performing arts

Parent’s Evening Presentation 2018


Parent’s Evening Presentation 2017

http://www.quietrev.com/Advice sheets – potential plus uk.  Some free, some you have to pay for.
https://www.potentialplusuk.org/index.php/advice-sheets/#1470914483283-2c45df61-44c0NZAGC Conference 2018
http://www.giftedchildren.org.nz/2018-nzagc-national-conference-auckland/Pre-conference writing workshop

Please read this presentation to find out how we meet the needs of High Ability Learners at Gladstone Primary

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If you have any further questions please email [email protected]

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